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Healing Center/Home, Billerica, MA 
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What is Healing? 

 We find that the best way to make change in life starts with the body. Our whole lives and personalities are formed from our ability to move freely in our bodies.  When we can’t move freely and we feel restricted and stuck, our bodies start to suffer and so do we. We have found the two best ways to change our bodies and transform our limitations.  First, a hands-on form of body work called Body Memories that has been used for the past 40 years is essential in allowing us to make change in our lives.  Our bodies have memories that get frozen in time.  By releasing them we have the freedom that our body needs and it removes the restrictions that are limiting us in our lives. With more freedom in our bodies, we are able to have more health and happiness. Read below for more information.

  Location: Billerica, MASecond, breath work is one of the most powerful tools to change your body.  Your breath equals your performance in your personal life as well as your body.  When you hold back your breath you limit your body’s ability to be healthy and your ability to grow in life.  We do a very different form of breath work, called “The Art of Natural Breathing.”.  We breathe in the upper chest area, allowing for a physiological impact on the body.  This breath work is done in the heart area, which allows for a big emotional release of held back feelings.  Releasing stuck emotions is something that every person needs in order to increase the oxygen flow in the body and benefit from optimum performance.  This also allows for an increase in the health and life force in the body.  Breath work has been done in India for thousands of years. Can we really change our lives?

What is"The Art of Natural Breathing" ? 

This breathing is one of the simplest healing tools. It reminds us how to breathe naturally, enabling the body’s cleansing mechanism to work  to its full effect and benefit, purifying our life and encouraging our self-healing. Breathing is an automatic and natural response of our well-designed bodies. Through the healing technique of the Art of Natural Breathing, we can start to really experience our breathing as  joyful, effortless, and natural. By learning the Art of Natural Breathing, we can gain an understanding of the tools necessary to change old habits,  release addictions, and overcome depression, in short, transform our  livfes. For more information please see the next web page called “The Art of Natural Breathing”

Our Breathing tool promote:  
•Improved Circulation
•Increased Energy 
•Improved Sleeping Patterns
•Stress Reduction
•Increased Productivity
•Clarity from mental Confusion
•Helping to find peace around addiction

(For more information please see the next web page called “The Art of Natural Breathing”)

 Breathing Intensive

A breathing intensive is one of the most amazing opportunities to breathe everyday, releasing life times of thought patterns and misguided belief systems, replacing them with brilliance, health and being able to connect to your true inner source and fountain of infinite joy

Session One

Foundations of breathing through inner evolution:Learning the basics of how to breathe well. In this module we will discover how our way of breathing can support our health and well being. We will learn about the flow of oxygen to our circulatory system, affecting the regeneration of our organs and all the cells of our bodies.

Session Two

Transitioning. Discovering how to implement good transitions in everyday life. How we deal with change in our lives has a lot to do with how we breathe. Looking at each persons transitioning scenario, we will understand our difficulties in facing true change in our lives.

Session Three

Integrating the feminine and masculine energies by using the Art of Natural BreathingDiscovering how to breathe freely and letting go of debilitating breathing habits, allows us to connect to our deeper self. A spiral of life is set into motion once we experience our inner feminine and masculine self. The way we breathe reflects how we live our lives. We will specifically look at each participants breathing patterns, learning how to inhale and exhale correctly.

Session Four

Emotional Awareness. How to allow the movement of our emotions is a crucial part of healing. The breath always supports us into feeling more and therefore healing more. We will also address how we connect with others, our families, friends and intimate relationships. Intimacy or into me you see is a necessary and joyous dance we hold with our beloved ones in our life.

Session Five

Body language and its importance within the breathing cycle. While breathing in a connected way, psychological patterns emerge which express themselves through our bodies. Seemingly small topics suddenly get highlighted. Our day to day consciousness might be able to suppress all that is uncomfortable to us but our body does not participate in this game.

Session Six

Integrating inner experiences, If we are authentic within our inner and outer worlds, every realization will be reflected truthfully in our outer activities. It does not make sense to be too attached to the regulations and rules of the outer world, nor to completely negate them. We need an adequate relationship between our inner and outer experiences.

Breathing is a tool for healing, stress reduction, and increasing awareness of ones life. The breath can be used to release and heal the wounds of incomplete experiences. At the time of trauma, the first thing we do is to hold our breath or take short and shallow breaths. By releasing an incomplete experience from the body, we get the breath flowing again, and consciously start to become aware of what were the events that stopped or slowed our breath in the first place. Breathing exercises form the foundation of many ancient practices. They help to connect us to our essential selves; our source, one may say our own spirit and will power. A deep flowing breath is a good sign of health, balance, and fullness of ones own spirit and life force.

 Robert Carlson-Moeller 617-821-6668

YouTube link: Art Breathing

What is "Body Memories" ?
Body Memories is a ‘hands on healing’ method of bodywork based on the body’s natural inclination and ability to heal itself. Body Memories sees the client, not the practitioner, as the true source of healing. Blocked energy can be released from the client by opening up the body's ability to heal itself, allowing for. Causing  morea movement in the body. This movement continues not only in our physical bodies but this movement continues on in our personal lives and in the physical world around us as well.  Through a subtle form of touch, the Body Memory practitioner listens to the body and identifies  areas of restriction and compression, creating an opportunity for release and completion. Our bodies are living libraries of past experiences that shape the way we move, think, feel and act.

This “‘hands on healing”’ method of bodywork is based on the theory that the body stores information and incomplete or unprocessed experiences. These experiences can be worked through and dealt with, creating more movement in the physical  as well as the emotional body. This explains the term “cellular memory” because our body stores our life experiences on a cellular level that can block our body’ies ability to return back to its healthy state. The quality of touch (a primary goal of the practitioners education and qualification) allows the client new possibilities of thought, feeling, movement and action. Returning movement back to our first heathly state of the “cellular memory” of the body. This new movement helps life to return to part of the body that might have had less movement or be in danger of developing an  illness starting. Throught more movement and more aliveness  our bodieys rRejuvenate . Our special  techniques reverse the negative effects of stress, repair the damaged tissue, and remove pain throughout your body by bringing your awareness back into the your body.

Our techniques promote:      

•Emotional Balance
•Physical Healing
•Improved Digestion
•Improved Mobility
•Pain Relief
•Tendinosis & carpal tunnel
•Neck tension & lower Back pain

YouTube link: Body Memries 
(For more information please see the next web page called “Body Memories”)



“Art of Natural Breathing”

I have suffered from severe low back and hip pain for 1 year affecting all parts of my life. I shared with a few of you that while PT, chiropractic and acupuncture didn't seem to have much impact when my back was hurting, my breath work sessions with Robert did. In fact, it was the one therapy I saw noticeable results from that healed my low back.  ~  Michael Connor- is a senior member of the International Coaching, Consulting and Training Group. He has been designing and presenting personal and professional development keynotes and trainings worldwide.

After the first breathing session, my daughter had a big breakthrough. Tears were streaming down her face while she was sharing her experience on the way back home, "Breathing is so powerful and I already feel the effects in my body and attitude.
Dunja recommended me to go through 10 private sessions also to complete my healing together with my daughter, who was very depressed at the time. It was perfect timing for stepping into my own power and completely healed my old wounds, and let go of guilt. I blamed myself for my daughter’s birth, her struggling and suffering during all these years, but breathing washed away my guilt, and forgiveness and lightness came in instead. I could focus on moving forward in my life too. My daughter now is a changed person completely able to independently live her life and this shift happened due to the Art of Natural Breathing. I am a true believer in breathing now and have a desire to become a long-term breather. I am eager to share this healing technique with more people to help them transform their lives for the better too. I feel a lot of gratitude to Dunja, our guide into the transformation, and I want to thank her for being such a  powerful, professional and also selfless and very caring supporter during our vulnerable changing time.                         ~ Angela Sokolova is Holistic Lifestyle Coaching for your Body, Mind and Spirit,               A yoga-Qi-Gong instructor and a Holistic Health Counselor and Practitioner

In the past month and half I have been taking breath work sessions with Robert and am half way through my series of 10. Robert has helped me to get through some emotional traumas that I was not even aware existed and through breath work and Robert’s coaching and guidance I have been able to release the emotional baggage I have been holding on to. I highly recommend Robert Carlson-Moeller as a healer and guide. His gentle and soft approach is very trusting, comforting and inspiring. 
~  Thomas Paolini has been in the top 25 of managers in his field as well as a salesperson of the year in 2011 for his present company. He is an owner and operator of one of New England’s largest kitchen cabinet distributors and currently is a practicing Chaplain at Unity.

                                     Other Testimonials                              

As an Intuitive Healer myself, doing an Art of Natural Breathing and then Body Memories series with Dunja is one of the best self care choices I’ve made.  They are both powerfully transformative and entirely complementary modalities, extraordinarily effective in their ease of access and simplicity.
Dunja’s commitment to the truth that each person’s healing comes from within themselves and that each of us has the power to transform our lives allows her to facilitate some of the most profound healing sessions I have ever experienced.

The breathwork really allowed me to feel my personal power to make change in my life – with Dunja’s expert compassionate guidance, I was able to move through many issues that had kept me feeling small and unable to accomplish goals for years. Aside from the wonderful relaxation and physical well-being I felt after each session, the depth of transformation and visionary experiences from the breathwork amaze me! I highly recommend this work to anyone who desires a fuller understanding of themselves, who wants to dispel fears and blocks to their next steps in life, who has chronic conditions in their body, or who just wants to feel full inspiration!
The Body Memories work has been an opportunity for practicing surrender, and listening carefully and gratefully to my body’s messages.  Dunja’s respectful, loving, focused, technique has resulted in innumerable physical releases on the table in muscles and tissues, as well as the release of accompanying emotions that may be stuck or triggered there. It has been a perfect complement to The Art of Natural Breathing’s internal will-driven approach.Kathleen Harrah


Robert Carlson-Moeller -has been involved in the personal growth field as a teacher and certified practitioner for over 17 years. 
Robert has studied Sports medicine at the Sports Institute of San Diego under John Harris, an Olympic trainer and Shiatsu under a priest of Zen foundation arts. For ten years he apprenticed in Breath and Body work. He trained as a Marital Artist for 15 years achieving his 3rd Degree black belt. He continues his study’s in Tai Chi Kung and Qi Gong breathing and movement. 

He is working towards his certification in Movement Therapy in Spacial Dynamics.Robert cured himself after years of being challenged with a severe case of pneumonia. He found a better technique to breathe in order to heal his own lungs and change his life. Robert is currently teaching and conducting seminars on the  “Art of Natural Breathing” and a form of bodywork called “ Body Memories”, as well as having his private practice here in Mssachusetts.                                                                                                        
Robert Carlson-Moeller

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