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 The Benefits of Body Memories Courses

Being in a workshop and giving yourself the time to grow and change is a great experience. Being a part of a group of people helps you grow even faster and assimilate the information deeper. The six weekends or even and introductory weekend is the best way I know to remove all the blocks and frozen body memories that might have taken you years to accumulate. In just a few classes you will relax and release what needs to be healed. The body will feel more freedom and aliveness. More information is listed below.Introductory courses cover the elements of touch; the development of sensitivity and intuition; 
awareness of movement, posture, and presentation; working with the body's energy field and tissue layers; and basic techniques to remove compressions and restrictions. Courses are "hands-on," with students learning to both give and receive sessions.

Advanced courses cover specific topics such as eliminating self-sabotage, and present additional
hands-on, energetic, and intuitive techniques.Body Memories coursework is not a substitute or replacement for any techniques you may already know; you can use Body Memories to enhance and empower whatever work you already do. Body Memories courses are for body workers, breath workers and people of all backgrounds, health care professionals of all sorts, healers and shamans, and anyone wanting to experience the joy of self-discovery and personal transformation. No previous background in bodywork is required.

   1st  Weekend “Touching the subtle body.”

We will explore how our bodies are more than physical, and how around and through our hysicality, 
a fine web of subtle energy exists. Accessing this subtle energetic field is the essence of all profound healing. Through using a refined and gentle "subtle body touch," it is possible to rewrite one's physical and emotional blueprint. Cells are carriers of information and by learning to touch in this deeply listening and non-doing way, the original safety of the tissue is restored 
and the cell is able to reorganize itself based on this new information.
2nd Weekend “How the body communicates.”

Our body has its own language, which we have forgotten how to read and listen to. In this module you will learn how the body communicates via movement and postures. We will learn how to move and stand with pleasure and ease and how to release imbalances from our physical structure. We will also learn the most optimal way of how to move through our body in the right way, utilizing all 
the joints to move ourselves back into health and aliveness.

of Dick Belair who has study with us and had a major change in his life. Dick is now a practitioner with his own practice under a new name:

3rd Weekend  “Nature’s pulsations.”

Whether we are aware of the seasons or in flow of the sea or even our own life cycle, we 

are immersed in rhythms and pulsations. We will learn to listen and follow the body’ies natural 

pulsations, already embedded in the surrounding world. At times there are traffic jams or hurricanes, which upset the course of the pulsations healthy expansion and contraction phases in nature and society. In the same way, on the more microscopic scale our organs or circulatory systems can be blocked and pulsations diminished. How to enliven our pulsations to a full and healthy range is the topic of this module.
4th Weekend “Natural Movement”

As soon as we are born, and some healers would argue even before our birth, our bodies collect data and memories not unlike a diary. These memories are experiences that have not been fully completed, mostly holding traumatic content. In learning how to support the body to unwind and 
retrace these memories, more physical and emotional freedom is gained.
5th  Weekend “Freeing our joints.”

How to use our joints in a healthy way and enliven their articulation as well as our own 
articulation with the world at large is the interest of this module. We will explore how to listen to the movement of healthy joints, as well as enliven the blocked movement of joints that are less 
moving and dis-eased.
6th  Weekend  “Balancing our physical and spiritual awareness.”

In order to live a balanced life we need to become aware of these four aspects of our lives. 
Participants will explore whichever of these areas they prefer to act in and wherever they avoid 
the fullness of our experience as human beings. As health is crucially dependent on the full 
expression of these four ways of being, we will also explore how to stay healthy and how to become aware when we are out of balance. This is the most preventative module and lies at the core of all 
successful healing. 



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