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Water Therapy And Your Healing!

Water therapy is like a dream for applying bodywork and breath-work. Doing therapy in water is It is one of the most helpful ways in working with a client. It helps the client to relax more not only physically but overall, releasing more body memories. As a breath worker it becomes easierfor the clients to breathe,  more relax,  and attain more lungs capacity and receive more joy in their bodies, Just throught breathing in the water! Floatation Therapy was discovered in the 1950s when space scientists were trying to simulate weightlessness when training astronauts. The benefits of floating have been well documented. It is a quick, simple way of attaining very deep relaxation and it helps a wide variety of conditions. Blood pressure and heart rate drop and oxygen intake improves. It also helps to alleviate pain and stress, leaving you feeling renewed. More information is below.

Water Therapy and “The Art of Natural Breathing”

Why breathe in water? What  are the benefits  of doing “The Art of Natural Breathing” while floating weightlessly? Water adds an extra sense of presence and even a greater awareness than doing breath work on land.  You feel warm safe, and deeply relaxed.  Your body and lungs are free to move fluidly without any restrictions.  You may feel as if  you are back in the womb or a creature of the sea. Most importantly is that the water allows you to be more present with your experience of breathing. It is an experience thatwhich clients describe as exquisite", "profound", and "extraordinary". When I first encountered  breathing  in water, I immediately saw the potential benefits of providing this form of  flotation therapy in pools and spas. I remember seeing my teacher doing flotation therapy in a pool and I knew this would be the most powerful way for me to work with clients. It was so powerful to see the  waters impact on the body.  Breathing became easier, and it was quite beautiful to see the body receiving more spirit. Intrigued by the notion of combining both the benefits of “The Art of Natural Breathing” with Flotation Therapy,  I have begun to work with  my clients with both therapies. Together, the results of these combined therapies have been exciting, inspiring and beyond my expectations. In our workshops, our breathing sessions are  taught in pools and spas. It is well documented that an individual’s state of mind and life condition are key factors to his or her own inner healing abilities. Being over-stressed creates imbalances which can lead to a variety of conditions that hamper the body's attempts to maintain homeostasis and good health. A major feature of the water therapy is profound and total relaxation. Sessions have a lasting impact on stress-related conditions and a sense of well-being. With the daily stress in our lives, breathing is still the best way for releasing stress and finding the center for yourself—and reconnecting with your own life. Breathing in water takes you to even a greater level and takes you there faster.      

Testimonials,  Amber’s breathing experience:

When I first heard about breath work as a form of personal growth, increasing energy and to encourage change in all aspects of my life I was very skeptical.I went through a four hour training with Robert where he covered some very interesting topics that I had never heard of before, but were very uplifting and insightful. He covered everything from  

how breathing can change old patterns in my life, to how the way we breathe mimics the way we are in our lives. Holding your breath is like holding back in life. He spoke about the way we often choose to close ourselves off from the rest of the world and how breath work can help us reopen ourselves to one another. Plus, he shared a wealth of great information about how healthy it is for the physical body, as well as the emotional and spiritual body when we breathe more!

 Then it was time for the one  hour breathing session. We all laid down and started a journey
similar to a guided meditation. I began to breathe more then I ever had in my whole life!  At first it felt a little like work but then it became easier and more natural. I had all these great feelings and tightening in my body as energy rustled inside of me. Then I was so restful that I started to dream a little and found this really peaceful place deep down that never thought I

would find in a breathing session. It was very beautiful.

After the session I told Robert that
this stuff really works! I couldn’t believe what a powerful experience it had been! The most amazing part was that I felt connected to something deep inside of my self that I had never felt before.










Why is Body Memories so important in Water?

Sometimes Body Memories sessions are done in water.  Water is one of the most effective and comfortable places to do Body Memories. Imagine floating weightless, feeling warm, safe and deeply relaxed and receiving gentle, non-intrusive bodywork at the same time. When you take the body out of gravity it is free to move in any direction, feeling safer and more relaxed than you can ever imagine.
For the body worker this is the optimal way of working with a client because there is no weight to
make a person tight in their body  Clients have described Body Memories work in water as “exquisite," "profound," "extraordinary," and "unlike anything I have experienced in my life."
Floatation therapy was discovered in the 1950s when space scientists were trying to simulate
weightlessness when training astronauts. The benefits of floating have been well documented. It is a quick, simple way of attaining very deep relaxation and it helps a wide variety of physical conditions. During flotation therapy blood pressure and heart rate drop and oxygen intake improves. It also helps to alleviate pain and stress, leaving you feeling renewed.
Body Memories in the water is a hands-on healing treatment influential on physical, mental, e
motional and spiritual levels. Working with the individual's uniqueness in that moment, it recognizes the client as the expert on themselves. Observing and listening with every sense, the practitioner follows the body's guidance to release stories and imprinted traumas from the tissues, emancipating its historical limitations.

    We immediately saw the benefits of Body Memories in the water!

When we encountered Body Memories in the water, we immediately saw the potential benefits of giving this form of healing work in the water. We remembered seeing our teacher doing flotation Therapy in a private sessions. It is quite a sight to see. The people were receiving sessions with benefits of floating in the water and the body was so free to move. We could see how powerful it was to work with the body this way. This experience and other personal sessions, fuelled our desire to combine the benefits of both Body Memories and  Floatation Therapy. The supporting buoyancy of flotation would allow us to work in water one-to-one with our clients. The notion was enticing and insistent. The results of experiments in flotation and Body Memories in a pool and spa have been exciting, inspiring and beyond my expectations. We knew we had to have our own space to work with clients in this way.


Safely supported by the water

Your body has unrestricted opportunities to unwind through every plane. Our bodies remember
everything that happens to us. Memories of trauma and difficult experiences can cause compression in the body tissues that leads to restricted function and mobility at many levels in our bodies and lives. The fluid working environment gives access to complete liberation and unwinding of compressed tissues. The conductivity of the water enhances the communication between the tissues and the practitioner. It enables effective work on fine and minute levels, the most subtle levels are the most profound. Gentle techniques, unique to this environment, have developed and by its nature it is a continually evolving form of work. Traditionally, water is healing and is inherently relaxing.  Plus, we have evolutionary and gestational origins in water. Two-thirds of the human body is composed of fluids and naturally responds well in water.

Testimonials,  Mark’s Body Memories experience:

I approached the Body Memories water therapy session without any real idea of how I would react. I had already received Body Memory work for fatigue and body pains. I wanted to pursue a release of the tension and general sense of panic within me so I readily agreed to treatment in the pool. I was very skeptical about the benefits of floating in water with Body Memories, but my first experience with Robert’s work in a pool changed me - not only my viewpoint, but all my stresses and strains filtered away.


I closed my eyes and, very quickly, all sense of time and space faded away and I felt, rather, that I was floating in space. My body began to move, and gentle hands moved with me, assisting rather than guiding. My body, especially neck and shoulders, was unwinding, unraveling tensions and traumas that seemed so old and hidden. I allowed this movement to continue, witnessing rather than initiating and, suddenly, a wave of emotion passed over me. I was unaware I had reached so far inside myself. For the first time in a long while I had experienced my whole self. Being aware of the pool again, themy nerve endings in my skin felt the warm water in an acute sensation of all-over touch.

My arms and legs stretched out and slowly one arm freed itself and began to move of its own accord. Robert discovered a build-up of tissue under my shoulder bone. It seemed almost as if my body had reasons to want to free itself. My body writhed and moved in the pool quite dramatically and it felt as though a loop of intestine was unwinding, releasing a constriction. When the session was over I felt free and moved with the same ability as I had when I was younger. At the end it was uplifting and I felt free to move again. Each session was different, each having its own benefits. In any event, my conclusion was that the "making sense" of a cure is not as important as enjoying the benefit of it. I felt, quite literally, that a load had been lifted from my shoulders.  It was quite an amazing experience! 


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